Presentations, Dinner and Field Day

The next SQLRG workshop will be hosted on the 5th of March at Woodfordia on the Sunshine Coast. The day will include demonstrations and presentations talking about all things WATER!!! 

05/03/24 – A day of networking and presentations followed by a field tour and dinner.

Speakers included:

  • To be announced closer to the date

We plan to wander through the facilities following the presentations to check out the facilities in detail.

Since its beginning, the Tree-Planting Weekends have put over 100,000 trees into the ground and been an enormous and successful effort in nurturing existing environments, encouraging species diversity, as well as weed management and eradication. Trees planted over twenty-one years ago tower overhead casting shade—the wildlife has burgeoned and plants blossomed so that there are new seedlings sprouting of their own accord under the canopy. The results of all this work have been rewarding and have organically evolved into what is now known as The Planting.

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