Presentations, Dinner and Field Day

The workshop took place on the 9th – 10th of June at Mooloolah Vallery Country Club and I Love Turf at Coochin Creek, QLD.

09/06/22 – Day 1 – Consisted of a day of networking and presentations at Mooloolah Valley Country Club.

Speakers included:-

  1. Dr Michelle Green (Microbiologist) – Sludge and Algae management in aquatic situations CLICK HERE
  2. Macspred – Clipper Aquatic Herbicide Introduction CLICK HERE
  3. Future Drone Technologies – Applications for Weed Control and Environmental Monitoring CLICK HERE
  4. Andrew Grant – Trust Provenance – Supply Chain Traceability CLICK HERE
  5. Nathan Layt – Advances in Plant Breeding and Varietal Selection
  6. Col Shiller – Engeny Pty Ltd – Innovations in rail in Australia and Overseas CLICK HERE
  7. Andrew Bauer – Lanyonscapes – Biological approaches CLICK HERE
  8. Peter Armstrong – Sunshines Coast Council – ESC RESET Site Update CLICK HERE
  9. Spencer Shaw – Brush Turkey Enterprises – SEQ BioDiversity CLICK HERE
10/06/22 – Day 2 – We attended a local native turf supplier I Love Turf which included a drone presentation at Coochin Creek.

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