Thursday 18th and Friday 19th of November 2021

Presentations, Dinner and Field Day

The workshop took place on the 18th – 19th of November at the Gunabul Homestead and the Cooroy to Curra project in Gympie, QLD.

18/11/21 – Day 1 – Consisted of a day of networking and presentations at the Gunabul Homestead.

Speakers included:-

  1. Rick Haywood – TMR – Pacific Motorway (M1) Varsity Lakes to Tugun (VL2T): Environmental initiatives – CLICK HERE to view the presentation
  2. Eva Forde – MRCCC – Creek restoration and riparian rehabilitation in Mary valley – CLICK HERE to view the presentation
  3. Steve Milner – SCCC – Ecosystem Restoration Techniques – CLICK HERE to view the presentation
  4. Jeff Morrel – SCU – Extending the useful life of timber structures in wildlife corridors – CLICK HERE to view the presentation
  5. Adrian Fletcher – Carbonchip – What is BioChar and how can you make it work for you – CLICK HERE to view the presentation
  6. Michael Quirk – Bielby BMD JV – Cooroy to Curra overview

19/11/21 – Day 2 – We attended the Cooroy to Curra Project in Gympie for a tour of the site and an in-depth look at how the project is creating a more sustainable environment for the future. For more info about the project CLICK HERE 

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